Stay focused until you reach your goal

Hi, my name is Alexander Kluge, I’m NAII on the internet. I help you stay focused until you reach your goal. Like you I have gone through the pain of distraction and did not accomplish what I wanted. In fact, in summer 2016 I had been in debt for more than 3 years and also ran through a difficult personal time. I knew I could not solve all my problems at once.

So, in August I started focusing on one thing: Terminating my 6,000 € debt. In July I even wrote to myself:

It’s 31 December 2016 and I’m free of 6K debt.

I will show you how it went in a second. But let me first give you the single most important lesson I learned: When you focus you need a clear goal. A clear goal is precise and has a date.

Now the execution, the hard part. You need to convince yourself that debt is a bad situation and that no debt is the only option. It’s important to understand that you’re living out of someone else’s money. You are in charge to pay it back yesterday. If you understand that it is a horrible situation in which I was in myself, you will feel with your back against the wall, which is a trick Sean McCabe, a person I respect a lot, teaches.

That is when I started to treat my lack of focus more seriously and said no debt is the only logical option for me. So, I started moving. I took responsibility for my debt because I had spent too much time finding excuses to avoid taking action.

In almost half a year (5 months) I wanted to have finished my debt situation. Well, it was 1 November 2016 when I had transferred the last few hundred Euros I owed to my creditor. I was debt-free 2 months earlier and I could not believe it! Of course, I saw it coming the weeks before and I had fantasized about reaching the no-debt goal 6 weeks earlier. Now I even made it 8 weeks earlier. I was so happy!

Focus is the gasoline, a clear goal is the engine and you are the car — so start running

I want to help you be happy as well. You do not need to be in debt for that because focus can help you out in many areas. For example:

A) Healing relationships. When you stare so often on your smartphone that you forget what you wanted to say to the person next to you, you are like a drug addict who needs to reconquer the meaning of connection with one another.

B) Being more productive. When every notification distracts you from the work you’ve been doing on your computer. Impatience and the fear of missing out (#fomo) are the main reasons you don’t allow deep work to happen. Deep work is hard work and dark. The reward is harder to get and it takes a lot of time to come to a result. In contrast, social networking is fun and colorful, and you get instant gratifications (likes, stars, comments, follows).

C) Treating your lack of discipline — When actively seeking distraction on WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook because the work in front of you is hard. As a result, you procrastinate because you do not create a sense of urgency. Setting a date when you are obliged to submit your work creates this urgency.

What you can learn. Only by defining a goal and executing with diligence you make the most important progress: You move forward. Once you are moving you can change direction and speed up or slow down.

I will show you how to get started and follow one course until successful — with more hands-on, real-life examples and practical bits of advice!

I help you stay focused until you reach your goal. My name is Alexander Kluge.

We’ll keep in touch.
– Alexander